Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Update 11/30/17


Hello everyone,

The moving hoopla is in progress and of course Thanksgiving holiday and family photos took place too… this is a big one covering the last two weeks with “good things” and pictures!

Good things:

Great IEP mtg. Transfer to the Colorado school should be smooth!

Andrew was not hurt by catapulting over the front of his horse
The beach and sunset and ride were lovely

Ah, pretty sky… packers at the house all Monday.

We left the packers hard at work to go to Cameron’s final social-skills group where they had a little party and gave him this poster-card.

I’m sitting on the porch and the adirondadk chairs are still here… I was going strong all morning, so my legs are tingling all the way to my toes
Cameron took Tracker on a long walk
The 1-2 bars on the deck is working for some mellow email use as the movers do their best.
We’ve got at least six more hours until the movers are done and we still have to load the car, but we’re at the end of decisions. All we’ve got left is load and leave. That’s a relief!
I got some good selfies with Sai on Sunday:

Movers come with three small trucks instead of one big one if you live on this kind of road!

Lots of time hanging out… the original estimator wasn’t accurate, so the moving crew was understaffed

I answered a friend about how this move felt different:
“This does feel like a different move than I’ve ever done before. I really felt like I found my spot. Perfect nature and people and settled and safe. So, it’s feeling harder and I think I’ll miss it longer. I don’t particularly miss Washington or Connecticut or Kansas outside of particular people, but I shared so much of parenting my son with these mom-friends and so much of love and learning with these chorus friends, that the friendships feel different here too. So, we shall see how things settle in CO in six months… I’ll get to update you in person! "

Andrew and C spent time playing a game called Ninja that they both enjoy

It was easily a twelve hour day… getting empty, but still piano and boxes inside.

Petting in the dark on the deck, these two did great.

We made it to my parents’ house at bedtime. It was nice to walk to the river with Mom and my niece the next morning.

Family picture day!  
I got several pictures of Cameron looking down at me and hopping around rocks before we got started.

The official photos 

My sister took a few pictures as we were walking back to the cars of me and her kiddos

Leatherby’s ice cream after the family photos is now the tradition and Cameron easily completes the Daddy Daves and gets his picture on the wall:

Thanksgiving feast (minus the littlest one who was sleeping). It was yummy!

Amazing lunch restaurant discovered with Andrew plus a rainbow! (Thank you to Linda Cordair!!!)

I’m lying down for a nap… ooo, ahhh

My sister’s family got headed back to Santa Barbara OK

Cameron has been so much more mature with his cousins. Wow!

Looking like a gentle week of school and computer work will leave us with everything ready for the drive.

Andrew got to the hotel in Colorado in one piece... what a saga [And, his first few days of work have been great!]

Watched “Scrooge” and got to see the origin of the new song for the chorus. It started great, but it has a really bad premise that got Cameron mad.

Mom won Monopoly!

Walking the American River with Mom… she does love to take pictures.

Got C unstuck with science and algebra… homeschool joys

Mani/pedi decadence with my mom

Fun seeing the Toastmasters club that Mom created so vibrant and nurturing

And… that’s it! Tomorrow, I’ll head back to our home to camp out for one night so I can sing in this event:

As soon as this event is over, Cameron, Tracker, and I will start our drive to Colorado. The hotel for the first night is already booked about a hundred miles into the drive.

Happy holidays and travels and transitions,


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Moving. It's official.

Yesterday, Andrew accepted an offer to work at Boom. We're moving to Denver. I'm thrilled for my wonderful husband who is joining an exciting company and will be working in a situation that he's always dreamed of. This is going to be great for him, for our family and, eventually, for me. I know I will fall in love with people and places in Colorado. But, right now, I'm crying. Most people are saying, but you love the coastal redwoods and the Pacific Ocean!!! Considering that I'm already grieving more for my chorus than the redwoods and ocean, I figured I would post the letter that I'm sending them tonight. Loving this much means grieving deeply for loss.  These next few months will be a time when I know that I will need to be kind and gentle with myself because I'm hurting; I'm hurting a lot.

Dear chorus sisters,

     About a month ago, my husband starting chatting with his best friend about an opportunity to work together and yesterday that turned into an official job offer that he accepted... in Denver. He gave two week notice yesterday and it takes a month or two to buy / sell a house but I'm already grieving, and I'm grieving most for you. I love this chorus.

     I love how deeply you've accepted me and nurtured me and made me feel at home. I love every time we sing "How We Sang Today" and the love that permeates everything we do for each other.

I love how you helped me figure out stage make up for the first time ever... I didn't even wear make up for my wedding!
I love our teas and beautiful, quirky, thrilling events...

... and retreats...

...and Saturday Sings...

... and hospital sings...

and learning to be a hippo!

 I love the ambassador program and all the joy it brings.

I love sharing your wonderfulness with dear friends.


I'm not done yet!  I'll only be at chorus for an hour next week because my best friend will be flying in that Tuesday and it's my birthday. But, I'll be around for months. The current plan is that I'll start the drive to Colorado from the Jingle Bell Tea... ya, I won't get too far that day!

Thank you. Thank you for being so dear and welcoming and precious and fun. It's only been a few years and I thought it would be decades. I'll definitely be visiting and watching you soar!

Much love,