Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Friday, April 6, 2018

Settling In: Take Two

We've made it to four months in our new home and we're almost at that utopian moment of peace and quiet. There will always be projects, but the wood floors and tile are done. No more jack-hammering. No more fumes. No more hoopla-induced migraines. We're both soooo ready! This weekend we'll put back the belongings that were stuffed around the house during the repairs. It's going to be heavenly.

We've now shared a lovely Valentine's Day in our new home...

... and the first amaryllis bulb bloomed beneath the skylights.

The deer have continued to peer in and pass by...

... and the dog is now used to it.

Cameron has continued to work on 8th grade through his online charter school and...

... still loves petting the dog during Spanish vocab work, but...

... things have changed a bit!
Andrew is blissfully happy at work

I've done my first dress rehearsal with the chorus (gulp, full make-up) and next weekend I'll head to Phoenix for the regional convention.

Cameron has taken to tell-an-alternating-story-as-you-go walks... and tends to get a bit goofy during the process :)

It's been a long process of working toward that peace with the house...

... and we still have lots to put back...

... but we're almost there and the peace inside and out is going to be deeply nurturing.

Peace and quiet and feeling fully settled are all quite close.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Settling In

We've been in the new house for eight weeks now and made lots of progress in settling in.  Most of the broken things are fixed except for the floor in front of the dishwasher which still sinks and seems like it wants to eat your toes :) That will get fixed with the first few improvement projects that we can afford to do now, so progress! Andrew is loving work and winter and this house!

I've been officially inducted into my new chorus and while I've got a ton to learn, they have been deeply warm and welcoming. Eventually, I'll manage to not get weepy whenever they're nice to me!

Cameron has earned his first stripe and is thoroughly enjoying his new martial art, Krav Maga.

He's also been settling in to this new online charter school and working through the bumps more and more smoothly.

The deer continue to make me smile as they trim the verge in all weather, take naps on the lawn, and glance at us humans without concern whenever we come outdoors.

Pretty sunset and...
 sunrise from our neighborhood.

We still have tons of tile samples and wood samples and leather samples around the house, but the empty living room will have furniture within the next month or two.

My epiphytes have withered in this dry climate. I'm going to try succulents.

The mason fixed the fireplace and...

... the plumber installed the stove that Andrew ordered.

It was snowing yesterday with such lovely, giant flakes and we had our neighbors over for the first time.  We chatted over wine and nibbles and it was so pleasant.  We're definitely getting settled.

Somehow fencing came up while we were chatting with the neighbors and Andrew brought down all his equipment to teach them about the different fencing sports. When he tried to put everything away this morning, the dog was all about trying to play tug or fetch with the stick being waved in the air. My wise husband didn't throw the sword for the dog! :)

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The pines and the deer

I've been noticing how quiet the pines are around our new home. Unlike the giant branches and thousands of cones that redwoods shed, the pines just quietly swish and shed their long needles.  They are lovely in the morning sun and when powdered with snow.

This pine is just outside the door where I let Tracker out several times a day. It's the first to get a name. I asked for votes and my mom named it "Lady Godiva":
"My vote:  Lady Godiva with her arms outstretched, body curves with a prominent tush, flat abdomen, standing tall with a seductive flair."

Tracker did find it a bit trying when a herd of deer settled under the pines.

The deer are just ridiculously unconcerned about hanging out around the house. They frolic in the snow and nap comfortably in the yard.

FB:At least this young buck decided it was worth looking at me when I came to the window. The deer have been prancing around the house all morning and now it’s time to nap around it. The few roses that I was able to drive here are definitely staying in container pots lest these human-comfy critters make them deer-candy!

And I just left for some errands... doe next to the driveway felt no need to do more than glance at me either.

These are two, new, nature-treats that I'm enjoying.