Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Moving. It's official.

Yesterday, Andrew accepted an offer to work at Boom. We're moving to Denver. I'm thrilled for my wonderful husband who is joining an exciting company and will be working in a situation that he's always dreamed of. This is going to be great for him, for our family and, eventually, for me. I know I will fall in love with people and places in Colorado. But, right now, I'm crying. Most people are saying, but you love the coastal redwoods and the Pacific Ocean!!! Considering that I'm already grieving more for my chorus than the redwoods and ocean, I figured I would post the letter that I'm sending them tonight. Loving this much means grieving deeply for loss.  These next few months will be a time when I know that I will need to be kind and gentle with myself because I'm hurting; I'm hurting a lot.

Dear chorus sisters,

     About a month ago, my husband starting chatting with his best friend about an opportunity to work together and yesterday that turned into an official job offer that he accepted... in Denver. He gave two week notice yesterday and it takes a month or two to buy / sell a house but I'm already grieving, and I'm grieving most for you. I love this chorus.

     I love how deeply you've accepted me and nurtured me and made me feel at home. I love every time we sing "How We Sang Today" and the love that permeates everything we do for each other.

I love how you helped me figure out stage make up for the first time ever... I didn't even wear make up for my wedding!
I love our teas and beautiful, quirky, thrilling events...

... and retreats...

...and Saturday Sings...

... and hospital sings...

and learning to be a hippo!

 I love the ambassador program and all the joy it brings.

I love sharing your wonderfulness with dear friends.


I'm not done yet!  I'll only be at chorus for an hour next week because my best friend will be flying in that Tuesday and it's my birthday. But, I'll be around for months. The current plan is that I'll start the drive to Colorado from the Jingle Bell Tea... ya, I won't get too far that day!

Thank you. Thank you for being so dear and welcoming and precious and fun. It's only been a few years and I thought it would be decades. I'll definitely be visiting and watching you soar!

Much love,


Monday, August 21, 2017


Wheee! That was so fun! I got the glasses well over six months ago. It was so cloudy this morning at home as I saw the pictures from elsewhere start flooding in of the start of the eclipse. Then I heard from a friend that she could see it from a town that's only twenty minutes away (and our max coverage was 45 minutes away). So, I tossed a hoodie over my PJs and headed out. It turned out I only needed to go 15 minutes away and there were tons of people pulled over on the side of the road (and a bunch of police cars too with officers happily watching). So... I got to see the best my area had too offer. I'll admit the NASA coverage was so cool that I'm seriously considering making 2024 a year to see totality... just fun!

(All sun pictures, except the obvious one, taken through the eclipse glasses.)

Chilling and enjoying!

There were easily fifty cars around me... this was the first clear spot coming down from the Santa Cruz mountains.


Fun... getting a wee bit enthralled!

Snazzy i-phone-forehead shot!

My child happily walking the dog when I got back... he put up with watching a few minutes of NASA's coverage.
What a fun experience! 2024... I'm thinking that I really want to experience totality!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Anatomy of a Spider Bite

Last night, my dear husband educated me about the anatomy of a spider bite. He pointed out the two bumps in the center created by the pincers and where the venom was injected. Then he pointed out the two blisters as it moved outward.

Then he pointed out the swelling created by the venom. Ah, that explains the stiffness that I had just assumed was a one of my typical over-extentions.

Hmmm, I would have preferred if I didn't learn this fascinating lesson on the outside of my left ankle. On the other hand, I will remember it well and it hasn't stopped me enjoying my lovely forest!

Day four and no worsening, I'm sure my body will fix itself eventually. So cool that we self-heal so well.

Andrew found out what kind of spider it was... "grass spider". It matches the pincher marks and all the data we have and he found one on his wall.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

First Public Play-Time As An Ambassador For My Chorus

Wheee! Singing single and double quartets for two and half hours at Foster Citifest (6/3/17) to promote my chorus... awesome first!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

We win! My latest update is full of glee!


Hello everyone,

Agony! I was just putting the last touches on this update covering two weeks and… I accidentally deleted the draft! Arg, OK, here’s take two… hopefully I’ll be sufficiently eloquent. The biggest news was that my chorus WON the competition and it was thrilling!

Good things (starting two weeks ago):

FB: When your rocket scientist buddy is coming for brunch... save the dry ice from a meat shipment the night before. Principles to live by that I figured out all by myself! 

FB: It's such an enchanting spring day!

[And that’s been the feel for these few weeks; I wrote later in the week:
The forest smells glorious today! The sun is almost summer-y and it's like every plant wants to share its green-i-est best! Since I can't send smells, this is the feel, "Ma nature's lyrical with her yearly miracle, spring, spring, spring!"

FB: You could not make this stuff up! Why is the thirteen year old sleeping on the floor?!?!?
(I took the time to get it up on youtube because this kid just cracks me up. Naturally, one couldn’t “drown” the legos by putting them on the floor.)

On our way to Sparks (Reno suburb), Nevada!

FB: Still feeling so overwhelmed with joy and release and tears and not much sleep after this experience of competing and winning with my chorus sisters. A mini-montage from rehearsal and travel to tears, hugs, and... exhaustion. I'm so grateful for these loving, talented, kind people.
(Our final rehearsal at home before traveling)

(Manicures so our nails are competition ready)

(Fun lunch stop we found that had sweet-pea hummus)

(Checking in. My roommate is taking a travel writing class and took lots of pictures.)

(Rehearsal the morning of competition without risers “flat floor rehearsal”)

(Decked out… a few hours until showtime)

(Warm up room, final place we can make any noise before approaching the stage where performances are occurring)

(Very wet face after our acceptance song… blue ribbon, first place!!!!!!)
This is a recording of our dress rehearsal of the acceptance song… but it was much more powerful on the stage!

(The newbies! For a medium sized chorus to win and especially with so many people new to the regional competition is especially challenging.)

(About a half hour later, the chorus dinner. Tenor Barbara is always putting little notes and sweet things in the chorus mail boxes and is just a super-nurturer.)

(Quartets serenade the choruses at the chorus dinners)

(Afterglow party, Becky is a fellow autism mom and always manages to sparkle.)

(Exhausted and my bed was still covered with make-up and competition-prep disaster… I wound up on my knees.)

Homeward bound! Brrrr!

I’m home and I visited my snuggle trees. The house is in decent shape. I still feel rather raw, but I’m looking forward to a gentle night of snuggles and calm.

And, later in the week, the director posted a picture with the plaques and look what popped up on the chorus webpage:

FB: Homeschooling smile... the natural position for studying the Iliad:

FB: Still a bit giddy, but the raw feeling of overwhelm is less! I have taken off my first place medals (and a bracelet present from Tonya from the contest boutique) and bedecked one of our downstairs bronzes! It's also so nice to get friendly with my redwoods again after the noise, smoke, and glitziness of a Reno Casino. Feeling happy!

Beautiful piece from a lady who started with the chorus in February:

How does he manage to roll like that?!?!?

FB: Hmmm, when you find the perfect, enclosed spot to let the goofy dog frolic and then discover it's currently inhabited! (I was fine with the sea gulls flapping away, but I think seals get first dibs! So, no off-leash time for the doggie while his human gets state testing done.) Still, quite a soothing gray day

Smooth final day of state testing

Listening to the next, new songs I get to learn for chorus

Here’s to learning and growing joyfully,